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eXAF – It’s All About the Creative Connection!

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We work from diverse perspectives, create the environment and spaces we need, and follow our own taste.

The activities of the organization are focused within the field of the visual arts and that of electronic music culture. It represents a small team, consistent over the years, and an extensive network of friends, together with whom projects are created and experienced.

eX Art Foundation (or eXAF) was founded as an NGO in 2008. The aims and practice of the foundation reflect the contemporary urban culture. Within the broad experience of our activities, we dare to organize and curate events ranging from individual or group art projects, as well as larger multidisciplinary events, to an own physical art space, boutique-format music parties, and even festival-style ones.

Most of eXAF’s initiatives are realized in the cities Sofia and Plovdiv, but with a pleasure we move around to explore and stir the environment.

We are always open for suggestions and ideas of collaboration.


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